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I'm just a sad chubby girl living with my poodle and bunch of reptiles. I draw and ride horses, and spend way too much time online.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I do not tag reblogs like nudes or other naughty stuff.

♥ animals, hentai, anime, kyary pamyupamyu, adventure time, bjds, comics, art, tattoos, hiddleston, and other awesome things.

prepare for personal posts and sexual frustration. there will be selcas.

I warned you.
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I finally got around to updating ‘Don’t Let Go’! I tried to push myself as much as possible. Still a little rough as I’ll be entering the finished version in something later this year. Fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said: I just told you how it's sad how you never update your comicblog, but now you did TWICE! I'm feeling like an asshole. Sorry. I wasn't trying to complain D:

Nah that’s totes okay! I have been lazy and uninspired, maybe i’ll draw on paper instead for a while so I can get back to drawing better shit for you guys. :—-) 

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Jee taas kisahoitsuks kouluratsastuskisoihin, oon nykyään talliomistajan vakihoitaja ja mut pyydetää aina pitää huoli hevosista! Kivaa ku kerranki tuntuu siltä et on hyvä jossain, vaik ei hevoset nii hankalii ookkaan lastata ja hoitaa. :—-)) 

PS: SaiQ muistakko tän hupparin :—-)<3