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I'm just a sad chubby girl living with my poodle and bunch of reptiles. I draw and ride horses, and spend way too much time online.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I do not tag reblogs like nudes or other naughty stuff.

♥ animals, hentai, anime, kyary pamyupamyu, adventure time, bjds, comics, art, tattoos, hiddleston, and other awesome things.

prepare for personal posts and sexual frustration. there will be selcas.

I warned you.
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Anonymous asked: do you drink alcohol or smoke even occassionally?

I never smoke, but alcohol, meh, I do have some in my fridge but I’ve never gotten that drunk.. I just can’t drink fast enough and such?? I don’t know, I don’t have friends that would make me drink shots or smth so I’ve stayed ”clean” of stuff like that. :-0 I’m a good girl uhuhu.

Anonymous asked: also, how do you feel about cats?

I HAD A CAT. Cats can be annoying or the most adorable things ever. My cat Pucca was awesome. (Old photo of us</3)


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